pHoTo ShOoT

A few weeks ago we had some pictures taken by our talented friend, Shannon Hadden.  Lillie was a good sport especially with all the outfits changes.  She had a good time trying to eat the Lilies.  Here are  my favorites...
These two are the best of friends.  

Lillie holds her hand out just like her Mom does in her baby pictures, love it. 

Wearing her Mom's blessing gown

Lillie's sneezes are famous at our house; usual there are 3 consecutive sneezes followed by a sweet  long sigh.  

GG made a beautiful blessing blanket for her first Great Grand-baby. 


Almost 4 Months

Well its pretty obvious, and as many of you have pointed out, I am terrible at keep up with this blog.  Bare with me and I will try to keep it as up to date as possible.  Lillie is almost 4 months old now; below is what we have been up to.  
Uncle Christopher and Lillie 

Uncle Christopher and Aunt Melissa came down to hang out. We went to see the new mall in downtown SLC, City Center.  We also went for a long walk on the Jordan River Parkway, the boys ran while us girls walked and soaked up the sunshine.
This is the look Lillie gives Mom  & Dad when she's not sure we know what we are doing.  
Cole finally warmed up to Lillie; now he looks after her when ever they are together. 
We went on our first over night trip away from home to visit cousins in St. George.  Cole loved to push Lillie in the stroller as we walked around the neighborhood. Lillie had her first Easter egg hunt compliments of Aunt Kristine. With Dad's help Lillie found the most eggs! 

Cousin Whitney and baby Reese came to Utah to visit.  We attempted a photo shoot but with these too wiggle worms we never did get a good pic...better luck next time ;)  

Lillie now likes to hold things, Grandma Donna got me a soft snaggy bunny for easter  that I like to cuddle with. 

Lillie's first Easter Morning
and my Easter dress. 

Lillie can roll both from belly to back and vise versa. 
Most recently we moved into our new/first home!  Aunt Jenny came over in the morning to watch Lillie.  Grandma and Grandpa Herlevi came to help move and get our apartment clean and GG and Great Grandpa John took care of Lillie in the afternoon.  We are so thankful for everyones help.   
Lillie in her new room during construction, her room is bigger than mine!

Lillie and Grandpa Waino chillin on the couch. 

First train ride! Waiting for trax to take us downtown  wear we would race for the cure, in celebration of Grandma Bette.  

Mom meant to bring sunscreen but forgot so we took advantage of the free bandanas being handed out, check out my sweet head gear. 


4 Weeks

This week Lillie started to smile at us. We have yet to capture it in a photo despite several attempts. 
Lillie is such a sweetheart and joy to have in our home. She continues to make her Mom & Dad so happy.  

Getting ready for my first Valentines Day. Visited Great Grandma & Grandpa John then out to lunch with Mom & Dad. 


Lillie Magdalene

On Tuesday, January 17th (Lillie's Due date) there was much anticipation as I went to my regular scheduled appointment to see how I was progressing.  Mom and Christiane had flown in from NC hoping to be here for the birth and accompanied me to this appointment since Jon had to work.  I was told that my cervix was dilated to 3-3.5 and quite soft; after stripping my membranes I was about a 3.5-4.  Contractions started immediately, which was no surprise, and continued for a few hours.  We all got excited and thought tonight might be the night but to our disappointment the contraction petered out and everyone went to bed.  Throughout the night I would wake up and do fetal kick counts to make sure Lillie was ok; she was moving but not as vigorously as normal.  In the morning, I was still having minor contractions but was worried about Lillie.  I called the midwife on call and she said it would be wise to just have me come in and check on the baby so that's what I did.  There were a few dips in fetal movement so they checked the amniotic fluid level and determined everything was fine so we all returned home.  Once again a little disappointed I wasn't progressing quicker, I came home and went straight to bed.  Six hours later, around 6pm,  I awoke to somewhat stronger contractions. Now these were unlike any I had felt before, when they hit climax I thought the world was going to end.  (some say I exaggerate things; but this is pretty much how I felt) Jon and Mom brainstormed ideas of how to wash my hair quickly in-between contractions but by this point they were coming to frequently. The Teresa who wanted her hair freshly washed and dried when she went into the hospital was long gone, we grabbed the to go bags, car seat and were out the door.  It was about 8:30pm when we arrived at the hospital, the valet was no longer working so Jon just parked in front and brought a wheel chair around to get me quickly out of the freezing cold rain up to labor & delivery.  When we arrived at the checkin counter the lady asked, "How can I help you?"  With tears running down my face, trying to breathe through a contraction, I thought to myself .... really?  how can I help you? How do you think you can help me .... Jon thankfully chimed in, " I think my wife is in labor."  She proceeded to try and look me up in the computer which took several attempts apparently because some Teresa's have Hs in their names and Herlevi just seems to give everyone trouble.   Anyways....eventually after a wardrobe change, checking my cervix which was now a 5, I was wheeled to my delivery room.  I briefly attempted to utilize the medicine ball and the tub was started but I quickly realized I was destined for drugs. After discussing my options I opted for the epidural and was very pleased that I did.  The anesthesia resident did an amazing job....my epidural covered both sides well and I proceeded to sleep through being a 5 to a 8.  From 8-10 I chatted with Jon, Mom and Christiane, pushed for 30 minutes and she was here! I am so thankful for an uncomplicated birth and a healthy baby.  She was immediately placed on my chest for me to hold and feed.  Then Jon was able to cut the cord, put on her first diaper and swaddle her.  We had an amazing team taking care of us, helping make this experience meaningful and pleasant.  Now for what everyone really wants to see, PICTURES.....
Dad couldn't be more proud. The love we already had for her was magnified upon her arrival.
Born at 4:17 AM on January 19th, 2012
8 lbs 15 ounces -- 22 inches long (no wonder her feet were trying to find a place in my rib cage!)

Lillie's Grandma and Grandpa Herlevi, her Great Grandma and Grandpa John & her Aunt Jenny came to visit while in the hospital. 

 My Dad, who is in Iraq, requested that I have flowers.  So Mom and Christiane picked out a beautiful bouquet of roses and Lilies that was delivered to my room. 
Lillie had to get the bracelet off her leg that would sound the alarm if she left the unit.

Less than 48 hrs after her birth Lillie left the hospital. A very tired Mom & Dad wanted to sleep in their own bed. 

Lillie's favorite place is on Dad's chest.  

 Grandma John soaking in every moment she had while here with the 1st grandchild. It was wonderful to have Grandma & Christiane here to help those first few days! 

 Dad came home from school and said it was chilly but sunny and that we should take a walk. Here's Lillie all bundled up for her first walk.  

 Who does she look like?  Here's my baby pic.  We still need to get one of Jon.  Thoughts so far are Jon's hair and mouth, my eyes....will be easier to tell as she gets older but fun to speculate. 

Since she is so long, none of the swaddling blankets we had could contain her strong kicks so Jon found these beautiful swaddling blankets made from bamboo that are huge and work wonderfully.  

 First outing with Mom & Dad. The car and stroller ride kept her asleep the whole time. Thanks for being good Lillie, Mom needed to get out of the house!

Lost her umbilical cord at 1 week, whether it was time or not is debatable since it went flying across the room as Mom was dressing her. 

 Lillie meeting her Herlevi cousins, they were so great with her!

 Lillie, illustrating her already tenacious character, started sucking on her arm because Mom was taking to long to get ready to feed her giving herself a hicky! 

At 1 1/2 weeks: 
- Took her first bottle which is a huge relief knowing that in a few weeks she will need to take a bottle when I have to go back to work.  
- Doesn't really care for a pacifier. 
- Smiles when she is pooping. 
- Can roll partially onto her side. 
- Is becoming more alert everyday.